It is always absolutely necessary to go beyond our opinion about eternal matters, about the things of God. But few doctrines affect us as much as getting salvation right.

Matthew 7:22-23
22  Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
23  And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

As in all doctrines that the Lord has revealed through the Word of God, we will see that on this mammoth subject of salvation that the Lord – as always – is clear and definite as to what He requires for us to be saved, or born again. And this makes sense as we are discussing our eternal future. Uncertainty here will prevent the kind of peace of mind, and joy that the Lord speaks about in His Word.

Philippians 4:7  And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

1 John 1:4  And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full.

As always when studying God’s Word, take time with it asking the Lord to guide you into His Truth on the matter.

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Table Of Content



A. Stated
B. Explanation
C. Manifestation
D. Condition

1. Through The Goodness Of God
2. Through The Gospel Of God
3. Through Scriptural Teaching

E. Definition


A. Stated
B. Explanation

1. Knowledge
2. Belief
3. Trust
4. Recumbency

C. Getting Saved or Born Again

1. We MUST Take The Lord, And Our Eternal Soul’s Need, Supremely Seriously!

a. The Great Multitudes That Crowded To Hear And See The Lord Jesus
b. Summing Up So Far

2. Repentance Toward God, And Faith Toward The Lord Jesus Christ

a. “Repentance Toward God”

i. Yielding Our Wills To God As Taught By The Lord Jesus

i.i. The Lord Jesus Is THE Example That God’s Children Must Follow
i.ii. The Lord Jesus Yielded His Will To The Father

b. “Faith Toward Our Lord Jesus Christ”

i. We MUST Have A Spiritual Birth
ii. The Spiritual Birth Places Us Into the Family Of God
iii. How Can I Be Born Again?

iii.i. By The Spirit Of God

iii.i.i. Nicodemus Did Not Understand

iii.ii. By Faith In Christ

iii.ii.i. The Brass Serpent Illustration

iii.iii. Taking The Lord VERY Seriously Illustrated

iii.iii.i. We Must BELIEVE In Christ And What He Did On The Cross For Us
iii.iii.ii. We Must Believe With Complete Honesty

iii.iii.ii.i. Those “That Doeth Evil” – John 3:20
iii.iii.ii.ii. Those “That Doeth Truth” – John 3:21

D. The Lord Jesus And The Apostles Preached The Same Gospel

1. What Will YOU do?


A. Stated
B. Explanation

1. It Is Not Reformation
2. It Is Not Conversion
3. It Is Not Confirmation
4. It Is Not Water Baptism
5. It Is Not Church Membership
6. It Is Not The Taking Of The Lord’s Supper
7. It IS The New Birth

C. Necessity

1. As Seen In The Depravity Of Man
2. As Seen in the Universality of Sin
3. As Seen in the Holiness of God

D. In Practice

1. The Divine Work In The Regeneration Of An Individual
2. The Human Element In The Regeneration Of An Individual


A. Scripture
B. Explanation

1. Forgiveness
2. Imputation
3. Fellowship

C. Condition

1. Negative

a. Not By Works
b. Not By The Deeds Of The Law

2. Positive

a. By God
b. By Grace
c. By Blood
d. By Faith
e. Finalized By Christ’s Resurrection

D. Illustration

1. Abraham
2. David
3. Noah

E. Shown

1. In Works
2. In Experience


A. Scriptures
B. Explanation

1. It Is Not A Betterment Of The Flesh
2. It Is Not Sanctimoniousness
3. It Is Not A Second Blessing
4. It Is Not The Eradication Of The Sinful Nature
5. It IS “To Be Set Apart”

a. Sanctification, Being Set Apart, Is Spoken Of In Three Ways

i. Positional
ii. Practical
iii. Final

C. Condition

1. The Divine Side

a. Positional Sanctification Through God
b. Positional Sanctification Through Jesus Christ The Son
c. Positional Sanctification Through The Holy Spirit

2. The Human Side

a. Practical Sanctification Through The Study Of, And Obedience To The Word Of God
b. Practical Sanctification Through Yieldedness
c. Practical Sanctification Through Chastening

D. Definition Summary


A. Scripture
B. Stated
C. Explanation

1. Predestined
2. Redeemed From The Curse Of The Law
3. Almighty God Becomes Their Father
4. The Anticipated Full Realization Of Adoption


A. Scriptures

1. Old Testament
2. New Testament

B. Explanation

1. Old Testament
2. New Testament

a. Redemption Declared

i. Is Provided By God
ii. Is Through a Person — Christ
iii. Is By Blood


A. Scriptures
B. Explanation

1. Assurance Of Salvation Is Available
2. We Are Urged To Make Certain Of Our Salvation

a. It Is Because We Are Prone To Self-Deception
b. It Is Because The Lord Jesus Warned That There Would Be Many Religious, Actively Serving ‘Christians’, Who Were Not Born Again

3. Assurance Of Salvation Is Known Through The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit


A. Scriptures

1. It Is Sin to Neglect Prayer
2. It Is Appointed by God
3. It Is Commanded by God
4. It Is Necessary to Ask

B. Exemplified

1. Jacob Prays The First Recorded Personal Prayer
2. Joshua’s Cry To The Lord In The Time Of Crisis On Behalf Of Wicked Israel
3. David Prays With Thanksgiving When The Lord Promises To Use His Future Sons As His Kings Over Israel
4. The Prayer Of The Apostles And Disciples When The Early Church Began To Be Persecuted

C. Explanation

1. Expanded Scriptural Definition

a. As A Child Going To Their Father
b. As A Child Crying To Their God
c. Bringing The Needs Of Others Before Their Father
d. Praying For Their Own Needs
e. Prayer Must Be Made Believing That Their Heavenly Father Will Hear, And Answer Their Prayer
f. Prayer Must Not Be Carnal To Meet The Child Of God’s Fleshly Passions
g. Sin Hinder Prayer Being Answered
h. The Spirit Led Child Of God’s Prayer Is Guided By The Holy Spirit In What / Who They Should Be Praying For

D. The Child Of God’s Motivation To Pray

1. Abundant Testimony Of Christians Demonstrates That God Answers Prayer
2. The Wealth Of The Promises By God To Praying Believers
3. The Confidence Of Access Through Jesus Christ
4. The Assurance Of Help By The Holy Spirit
5. The Limitless Supply of Grace In Christ
6. The Abundant Ability Of God

E. Illustrations Of Answered Prayers

1. Abraham Interceding For Sodom (Genesis 18:22, 23; 19:29)
2. Prayer Of Abraham’s Servant
3. Personal Prayer Of Jacob
4. Nehemiah’s Prayer For Jerusalem
5. Joshua’s Prayer For Discernment
6. Hannah’s Prayer for a Child
7. David’s Prayer Of Repentance
8. Solomon’s Prayer For Wisdom
9. The Lord Jesus’ Prayer For Strength
10. The Malefactor’s Prayer For Forgiveness
11. Stephen’s Prayer Of Submission

F. Regulation

1. As To The Posture Of The Body

a. Christ On His Face
b. Solomon on His Knees
c. Peter On The Water
d. Thief On The Cross
e. Elijah With Face Between His Knees
f. David On His Bed

2. As To Time

a. Daniel
b. Christ
c. Peter And John

3. As To Place

a. Christ In The Garden
b. Christ In The Desert
c. Christ On A Mountain
d. Paul In A Storm On Board Ship

G. Limitation

1. Through Spiritual Negligence
2. Through Insincerity
3. Through Carnal, Self-Centred Motives
4. Through Unbelief
5. Through Cherished Sin
6. Through Failure To Ask

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