The Lord has given us His Word in order for us to know with certainty what life with Him is in reality. And with our world so far from God with endless mixed ideas of Who He is, and what His Truth is in all matters. We MUST do a responsible study of the Bible (2 Timothy 2:15-16), relying on the Spirit’s leading (Romans 8:14), in order to learn God’s perspective of life – His Truth!

2 Timothy 3:16-17
16  All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
17  That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.


A Must Read!

Why did the Lord create man? According to what the Lord has revealed to us through His Word, the Bible, man was created to have life with Him. That we would have a full, secure and purposeful life with our Creator. And that the Lord created us to NEED Him in order to have a full, secure and purposeful life. So that those who CHOOSE life WITH Him, would learn to know Him, and therefore love Him with all of their being. And motivated by love, glorify Him in all that they do.

The other vital goal of these short studies is to guide the thorough, ‘honest with God’, student of the Scriptures, to understand how the Lord will lead and help each person who co-operates with Him, to fulfil their God given purpose. Life is so fulfilling and excitingly purposeful when we know what the Lord Himself is attempting to achieve in us! AS WELL as knowing, through the Scriptures, exactly how He goes about attempting to achieve His purposes in us.

With this knowledge from His Word we are informed how we may co-operate with Him to achieve His glorious purpose for ourselves. As well as, be able to know how not to prevent Him from leading us into such a glorious spiritual life with Him, through careless, ignorance! But rather how to work with Him!

The Spiritual Life; Being Led By The Spirit; walking after the Spirit; walking after the flesh; assurance of salvation

The Lord guide you into the truth, and reality of the spiritual life that He offers to all of us. Though sadly, because of rebellion, and ignorance on man’s part, the Lord only achieves His purposes in a small number of people. The Lord help you to be one of them by learning to understand just how the ‘spiritual life’ through Christ works!


(The links to download this study, and the above chart, are at the end of The Table Of Content.)

Table of Content


A. That Man Would Have Life WITH Him

1. Through Christ
2. Through Christ Only
3. That Sin Keeps Man From God’s Purpose For Him
4. Through Christ The First Step Towards God’s Purpose In Man Is Achieved
5. Through “The Law Of The Spirit Of Life In Christ Jesus”

B. That His Children Would Learn To Know Him

1. The Lord Made Man Capable Of Knowing Him
2. Old Testament Scriptures
3. New Testament Scriptures
4. There Are Two Stages Of Learning to Know The Lord

i. How The Lord Uses The Scriptures To Reveal Accurate Knowledge Of Himself
ii. What We Learn About Him, In Personal Walk, According To What We Have Learnt In Scripture About Him

C. That His Children Would Therefore Love Him With All Of Their Being

1. Old Testament Scriptures
2. New Testament Scriptures

D. That Motivated By Supreme Love, His Children Would Glorify Him In All That They Do

1. Talking
2. Ministering

E. That His Children Would Be “Spiritually Minded”

1. “Carnally Minded”
2. “Spiritually Minded”

i. Examples Of What Being Spiritually Minded Is…

  • See Themselves As The Lord Does
  • That They Are His Son And Daughters & Are Secure In Their Salvation
  • That They Are Eternal Beings
  • That Death Is Nothing To Fear
  • That They Are More Deceitful To Themselves Than satan Is
  • That They Are To Be About Their Father’s Business

ii. KNOW “That All Things Work Together For Good To Them That Love God”

a. Those Who Have Been Born Again, Who Are “Spiritually Minded”, KNOW That They Are In God’s Hand
b. Those Who Have Been Born Again, Who Are “Spiritually Minded”, KNOW That They Will Not Be Tempted Above That They Are Able To Manage
c. Those Who Have Been Born Again, Who Are “Spiritually Minded”, KNOW That Trials And Temptation Are Allowed For Their Spiritual Growth
d. “All Things Work Together For Good” Summed Up

iii. KNOW That They Are Part Of God’s Purposes



A. Reminder Of What The Lord’s Goal Is For Us

1. Some Examples

a. Early Israel Going Into The Promises Land
b. The Enthusiastic Multitudes Who Flocked To See And Hear Christ
c. The Multitudes In Churches Today

B. What Does The Lord Reveal In His Word As To What Is His Way To Achieve His Goal / Purposes In Us?

1. Definition Of Integrity

a. Why Is Integrity In God’s People So Important To The Lord?

2. Definition Of Uprightness

a. Definition
b. The Lord’s High View Of Uprightness
c. Uprightness In God’s Children

i. Job
ii. King David
iii. Solomon

d. To Not Walk In Uprightness Is To Walk In Darkness

3. Definition Of Honesty

a. Definition

4. Integrity – Uprightness – Honesty Needed For…

a. Man’s Spiritual Birth

i. Lacking Integrity
ii. With Integrity

b Man’s Spiritual Life

i. Stated
ii. Having Spirit
iii. Indwelt By The Holy Spirit
iv. Living In The Spirit
v. Walking In The Spirit
vi. According To God’s Word

vi.i. Consistent Reading Of God’s Word
vi.ii. Consistent Studying Of God’s Word

vi.ii.i. The Right Motive
vi.ii.ii. The Right Spiritual Approach
vi.ii.iii. The Right Bible Study Principles

  • The Bible is To Be Interpreted Literally
  • The Bible Must Be Interpreted Dispensationally
  • The Bible Must Be Interpreted Contextually

vi.ii.iv. Bible Study Methods

  • By Verse, Or Passage
  • By Topic
  • Some Aspects Of Studying Gods’ Word

vi.iii. Constant Meditation On The Truths Of God’s Word

vii. Man’s Spiritual Life Challenged By satan

vii.i. The Limitation of Satan
vii.ii. The Child Of God And satan’s Passionate Opposition

vii.ii.i. He Is The Enemy Of The Church
vii.ii.ii. God’s Children Are To Engage In The Spiritual Battle

vii.ii.ii.i. Be Strong In The Lord, And In The Power Of His Might
vii.ii.ii.ii. Put On The WHOLE Armour Of God
vii.ii.ii.iii. Loins Girt About With Truth
vii.ii.ii.iv. Breastplate Of Righteousness
vii.ii.ii.v. Prepared With The Gospel
vii.ii.ii.vi. The Shield Of Faith
vii.ii.ii.vii. The Helmet Of Salvation
vii.ii.ii.viii. The Sword Of The Spirit
vii.ii.ii.ix. Prayer

viii. Man’s Spiritual Life Challenged By “The World”

viii.i. What Is Meant By “The World”
viii.ii. “Love Not The World”
viii.iii. “If Any Man Love The World, The Love Of The Father Is Not In Him.”
viii.iv. “For All That Is In The World…”
viii.v. Summary Of The Spiritual Life’s Challenges So Far … Of The Devil And Of The World

ix. Man’s Spiritual Life Challenged By “The Flesh”

ix.i. Introduction To The Enemy Of “The Flesh”
ix.ii. What Is The Lord’s Provided Way To Defeat This Internal Enemy Of The Spiritual Life?

ix.ii.i. Understanding The Flesh
ix.ii.ii. Defeating The Flesh

ix.ii.ii.i. The Lost – “Carnally Minded”

x. Man’s ‘Spiritual Life’ Is Being “Spiritually Minded”

x.i. The Place Of The Child Of God’s Being Made ‘Spiritually Minded’ In The Overall Goals Of The Lord For His Children
x.ii. God’s Children – “Spiritually Minded”

x.ii.i. God’s Children Need To Be Made “Spiritually Minded”
x.ii.ii. Walking “After The Spirit”

x.ii.ii.i. By Faith Be Willing To Obey Him
x.ii.ii.ii. Actively Relying On The Spirit’s Leading And Teaching
x.ii.ii.iii. Spiritual Illumination
x.ii.ii.iv. An Established Reality
x.ii.ii.v. Fulfilling, “The Righteousness Of The Law”
x.ii.ii.vi. Is Through The Spirit, ‘Mortifying The Deeds Of The Body’
x.ii.ii.vii. ‘Walking After The Spirit’ (And ‘After The Flesh’) Illustrated In The Early Church

x.ii.iii. Minding “The Things Of The Spirit” Makes The Child Of God “Spiritually Minded”

x.ii.iii.i. Illustrated In Noah’s Day
x.ii.iii.ii. Knowing The Reality Of ‘Minding, “The Things Of The Spirit”
x.ii.iii.iii. God’s Word Is Vital Towards God’s Children Knowing The Reality Of ‘Minding, “The Things Of The Spirit”’ In Their Spiritual Lives

x.ii.iv.ii.i. …Having Only A Vague Understanding Of The Lord

x.ii.iv.ii.i.i. Because Of Being ‘Lukewarm’
x.ii.iv.ii.i.ii. The Remedy Is In Christ Himself
x.ii.iv.ii.i.iii. The Love Of Christ’s Rebuke
x.ii.iv.ii.i.iv. Loving Rebuke And Chastening
x.ii.iv.ii.i.v. The Joyous Purpose Of Chastening And Scourging
x.ii.iv.ii.i.vi. “Be Zealous Therefore, And Repent”
x.ii.iv.ii.i.vii. “Behold, I Stand At The Door, And Knock”
x.ii.iv.ii.i.viii. “If Any Man Hear My Voice, And Open The Door”
x.ii.iv.ii.i.ix. “I Will Come In To Him, And Will Sup With Him, And He With Me”

x.ii.iv.ii.i.ix.i. Being Taught By Christ

x.ii.iv.ii.i.ix.i.i. “Instruction”
x.ii.iv.ii.i.ix.i.ii. “Understanding”
x.ii.iv.ii.i.ix.i.ii.i. “The Fear Of The LORD”


The Whole Spiritual Life study (as of 4 November 2016)

The Spiritual Life study is still being developed daily, but is available as an eBook with the present 180 lessons. There is the eBook version where the lessons are listed as separate lessons (has the word ‘DailyStudies’ in the file name below) . And then there is the eBook version where the lessons are not separate from each other (has the word ‘eBook’ in the file name below).

‘The Spiritual Life’ eBook is available in PDF as well as MS Word files (a much smaller download), and in A4 & A5 page sizes. A5 views nicely on tablets and smart phones…


The Spiritual Life Chart Download…

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